Inspirasi Designers Buat KLFW16

Oleh: Lylatul Qadrina
Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2016 yang berlangsung bermula hari ini (17 Ogos) sehingga 21 Ogos akan menyaksikan lebih 80 pereka fesyen mempamerkan koleksi mereka. GLAM berkesempatan merungkai inspirasi disebalik koleksi 5 pereka fesyen tempatan ini:


  1. EZZATI AMIRA – Margot Tenenbaums

Our Spring/Summer 2017 for KLFW16 this year is inspired by Wes Anderson’s film characters in “The Royal Tenenbaums”.  I would say muse for this collection would be Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaums in this movie.
I realized that in most of his movies, adults behave like children, and children dress like adults. So my collection this time would be filled with vintage prints, bold colors and sports luxurious silhouettes.
2. MOTO GUO – “Picnic In The Society” 
motoguo ss17 picnic moodboard2
Our picnic is set in a fairly contradicting and unusual landscape – an environment where people are constantly moving in every direction – somehow here we are, savoring every second that comes to pass and donning colors that seem foreign to the surrounding and its inhabitants.
In this collection, we see how teamwork is highlighted in a contemporary fashion label to resist the tide of which most seem to be riding on. This is especially essential for the team to achieve tranquility and peacefulness amidst all the noise from the industry.
3. SONNY SAN – Birds, rainforest and floral.

The title of my runway collection for Eclipse this year is Amapola and it is all about tropical!
4. JIMAN CASABLANCAS – Rock Kapak era

My collection is called Anak Liar. It pays homage to the rock kapak era in the Malaysian music scene particularly 80s and early 90s. My muse is really everyone that lived during that period and survived to tell its stories, including me. I would say back in the day, Ella is a strong influence for me.
5. MAATIN SHAKIR – Bohemian Rock

Credit: DailyMail UK

The Bohemian Style has always influenced my designs over the years as well as my daily fashion. I always loved the fact that you don’t have to be uptight when it comes to fashion. And the Bohemian style reflects that perfectly, by instilling freedom in whatever we do and whatever we choose on a daily basis.
But I have also grown up listening to rock music. Being in a family who’s very influenced by music (especially the rock genre), I’ve learned to be a rebel (sort of) and tasted a bit of a rock and roll lifestyle. So for this collection, I’m taking pieces of my past and incorporating my designs.
My muses will be Florence Welch, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler. This collection also expresses my disappointment to how the world is today. With this, I am encouraging the public to experience peace and freedom through my pieces.